You, the patient, are our top priority. Every effort is made to accommodate your needs:

Contacting us:

We answer your phone call immediately and in person; there is never a need to push a series of buttons when the office is open. When we are closed, I can be reached by text, email or a video session for an urgent problem.

When you need a visit with me:

When you need care we schedule you at YOUR earliest convenience; we can see you on the same day if your problem needs urgent attention. We schedule our patient flow so that we see you on time; there are no wasted hours in the waiting room. Once in my consulting room, we give you ample time to explain your issue and help you form a reasonable plan after examining you before you leave.

When you need or prefer a home visit:

I make home visits if you feel to ill to leave home. You can also schedule a zoom visit if that will be sufficient for your needs.

When you are in another geographic area and need emergency care:

I am always available to speak to the physicians caring for you in an emergency room in the event that you are not close enough to come to my office.

Referral to a specialist:

If you need a specialist to help address your issue, we will choose one with you; if you can only utilize someone in your insurance plan, we will review the choices with you. Once the specialist is identified, we help you make the appointment with that doctor before you leave our office. Once a specialist has completed his/her assessment, we will personally review the recommendations with you.


Contact Us

Our team will get back to within two hours.